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  • Fully Insured

    You can take piece of mind in knowing our services are fully insured!

  • Master Beekeeper

    Our Removal Specialist are part of the Texas Master Beekeeper’s program.

  • Registered with TAIS

    We are registered with the Texas Apiary Inspection Service and current on all permits.

Here at Wicked Bee, we strive to do what is best for both the Honeybees, and our clients. We specialize in rescuing and re-homing Honeybees who might have chosen to establish their new colony in a location that is not so ideal for the property owner.

Each job is unique, and pricing varies based on the specific situations and challenges of each job. If we feel that we would not be able to meet your specific needs, we are always happy to provide you with other references.

Ultimately, we want our clients to be satisfied, and we want the bees to be allowed to thrive and do what Honeybees do best!

Our Pricing is based on the type of Removal…


Small Hive Removals


per hour + mileage
    A Small hive will typically have fewer than six (6) drawn wax combs present. The hive might be outside exposed to the elements, or inside some sort of smaller container, such as a birdhouse or water-meter box.

Forced Absconds/ Tree Removal


per hour + mileage
    A Forced Abscond has to be completed when the bees have setup their colony in a structure that cannot, or should not, be cut open. This is typically the case when their hive is located inside a living tree, or a stone wall. The bees are forced out, and the cavity is sealed, but the comb remains inside the cavity.

Structural Removals


plus $75 per additional hour
    A Structural Removal will need to be done when a colony has established itself inside a fixed structure that cannot be removed from the property, such as inside the wall of a barn, shed, or your house. In these cases, sections of the structure will have to be removed in order to remove the Honeybees as well as the comb.


Commercial Structures


plus $90 per additional hour
    Commercial Buildings can be a mixed bag of situations that each come with their own unique challenges and complications. Therefore, we evaluate each job on a case by case basis before giving a final quote. Commercial properties can also be added under our insurance as ‘Additional Insured’ for added coverage if desired.

* Indicates a Base Rate. This rate includes prep-time/materials, drive time/mileage, and the first full hour on the property. After this initial hour is up, the hourly rate then applies to each additional hour thereafter for the remainder of the removal process.

For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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